Summary of last night’s Vollversammlung

Hello WEH,

yesterday we held our quarterly general assembly.
Here’s a brief overview of the key decisions, that will probably affect you:

1. The house fee will increase from €1.50 to €3 per month.
For most residents the monthly membership fees (house+net) will be €6 starting with the upcoming accounting on 01.05.2024.
A detailed list of all fees and who has to pay them can be found here:

2. Floors 0, 9, and 11 will be disconnected from the network from 00:00 on Friday 19.04.2024, to 00:00 on Monday 22.04.2024, due to their absence from the general assembly.
This action is in accordance with our penalty catalogue and was approved by the majority of the general assembly.

3. The Musik-AG has been allocated €500 for further improvements to the music room in the basement.
This room, equipped with various instruments, can be booked through our portal:

4. The Party-AG has been allocated €500 for the next Neueinzieherprojekt “NEP”.
More information about this event will be provided later.

5. Going forward, all members of the Wasch-AG will have access to the laundry room camera surveillance.
This means that viewing rights to these recordings will now include Haussprecher, Netzwerk-AG, and Wasch-AG.

6. Dinh Hoang Anh (1510) joins the board as the 2nd Chairperson.
The former 2nd Chairperson, Tim Schmitz (0502), moves to the position of Secretary.
Anna Hillje (0613), our previous Secretary, leaves the board and has been elected as an Honorary Member of WEH e.V. for her contributions to our association.