The Call for Thy Enrollment Proof

Dearest Denizens of the WEH,

As the wheel of the year doth turn and bring forth the renewal of spring, so too must we turn our thoughts to matters of rental import. ‘Tis a tradition, that each soul within this domicile of learning presenteth, twice anon, their proof of continued quest for knowledge.

Thus, I, a mere envoy, beseech thee: Let not the sands of time slip through thy fingers unheeded. With all the grace and haste that doth accompany the noblest of quests, dispatch thy current proof of enrollment for the Summer Semester of the year of our Lord, 2024, to the sacred organization of our tormentors:, ere the 31st day of May, in the year 2024, doth dawn.

Should this parchment of proof not be presented in timely fashion, the Studierendenwerk, much aggrieved, may find itself compelled to bid thee farewell from thy current lodgings, as sorrowful as parting be.

With boundless esteem and the gentlest of exhortations,
in service to thee and thine,
Simon Fiji